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Day: June 16, 2019


Blog Psychology studies and strength and conditioning studies may seem an odd mix to some, however I feel that in future you will see more and more coaches becoming qualified in both these fields. Having a psychology background does not help me understand or apply the technical aspects of being a strength and conditioning coach, …

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Context – Part 1

Blog In my last blog I endeavoured to place the Ocean Performance Centre into an arena of context for you, so you could get a better understanding of my own beliefs and what the Ocean Performance Centre is all about. The oxford dictionary defines Context as “the circumstances that form the setting for an event, …

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Sports Specific Programs

Blog G’day and welcome to the Ocean Performance Centre. I had been spending hours trying to figure out what was the best topic to delve into for my first blog. Recently however, a young university graduate asked me if the Ocean Performance Centre was a sports specific facility that ran sports specific programs. Without going …

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