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Breath Enhancement Programs

Breath Enhancement Training (BET)

Established in 2005, BET is an internationally renowned breath training program, developed originally to help big wave surfers deal with the anxiety and pressure of being held underwater for extended periods of time.  The first of its kind in Australia.

Fast forward 18 years & thanks to many world class athletes and entrepreneurs sharing their insights with the team, the program has evolved to enlighten people from all walks of life.

BET workshops are suitable for surfers, swimmers & ocean lovers of all levels – from learners to competitive, young & old.  We go through specific pool drills which mimic challenging surf conditions & ensure you are more physically competent to manage yourself, whilst the knowledge & training techniques help dampen the mental anxieties you experience during breath holds & high heart rate situations, making you more comfortable & confident.   BET Instructors have held coveted positions in the professional surf realm too, so if your performance suffers under competitive pressures, we have that covered too!

There are also BET workshops suitable for land-based athletes & corporate executive who need the capacity to work under considerable pressure.   Stress and expectations affect the body and mind in different ways, and whilst some step up, others will struggle to perform.  It’s important to learn the skills that support dealing with significant or prolonged pressure, as this will have a remarkable effect on mindset, performance and ultimately, well-being and happiness.

A big focus of our Introductory Sessions includes how to use your breathing to stay calmer during intensity, whether that be in training, competition or in daily life. 

The knowledge and techniques shared can be easily applied and will lessen each individual’s day to day experience of overwhelm, anxiety and pressure.