Ocean Performance Centre

High Performance Program

Chase your competitive edge and optimise performance

For the athlete chasing that competitive edge and wanting to optimise their performance.

Our goal is to provide the opportunity to our local athletes to immerse themselves in the same processes, systems and procedures used by the very best high-performance centres in the world.

The HPP process requires each athlete to firstly undergo a specific, thorough scientific testing protocol (please see the Performance Testing Tab). The data gathered through this process drives our program design so there is no guessing involved. Programs therefore are evidence-based, results focused, measured, and targeted towards everyone’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the sport they engage in.

The data also presents a clearer understanding of why an athlete may have been injured in the past and therefore guides interventions into how we can mitigate any injuries in the future

Programs are then on a macro level periodised around each individual athlete’s competition schedules, taking into consideration their existing training regime, and their passions and interests outside of sport.

Individualised and periodised programs are delivered to each athlete using the Teambuildr coaching app. Using this app the HPP athlete can record and track progression as well as gaining access to extra mobility, foam rolling, pressure point, stretching, mindset, and core programs all with accompanying instructional videos.

Starting from $22.50 p/w 3-month minimum term