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Local Athlete Spotlight: Matt Palmer

  1. Favorite post exercise feed

My favourite post-exercise feed is a protein shake with 3 eggs on 3 pieces of sourdough with avocado and spinach. It also really depends on what day it is. Like on a Saturday or Sunday, I like to throw in something naughty like a few waffles with maple syrup and ice cream 🙂 

  1. Favourite way to switch off and relax

My favourite way to switch off and relax is definitely packing the 4bie and going camping with friends or the girlfriend. I don’t think there is anything better than going off the grid for a week or two and escaping reality for a while. 

  1. Most memorable sporting moment

This is a good question. I do have a lot, whether it’s a win or not but if I would have to break it down to 4:

1. U15 Aus surf race win 
2. Winning U19 Coolangatta gold 
2. Making Nutri-Grain debut with my brother
3. Winning the Taplin relay at state champs with the Maroochydore team! 

  1. What are you most grateful for 

I’m definitely grateful to have such an amazing support crew around me that helps me achieve what I wanna achieve. Whether it’s my parents who have sacrificed so much to help my brother and me achieve what we wanna do in life. To my friends who I know have my back no matter what I choose to do; And I can’t forget my coach’s Kez, Buggy, and Glen who do so much behind the scenes to get me where I need to be. 

  1. Big goals for 2021/2022

The biggest goal for the 21/22 season is definitely to make the iron series and do well. That’s always been the biggest goal I’ve had. If there’s a chance of making the Australian team, definitely a goal too! And probably just becoming an overall better person would definitely be my goal for the season. 

  1. Most used motto or mantra 

This motto has been with me for a while. I’ve said this motto so many times I have lost count but my first ever swim coach (Gaven Star-Thomas) used to say it to us and I have never forgotten it since. 
Good, Better, Best Never let it rest. Till you’re Good is Better, And your Better is the Best! 

  1. Favourite gym exercise

Haha, this is a hard one. Nah, either bench press or squats hahaha.