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Mindset & Performance Sessions

Champions are not born, they are made.

What is it that allows one athlete to climb to the very pinnacle of their sport whilst thousands of other athletes do not? Especially when their competition seems equally skilled and experienced.

One of the major contributing factors is MINDSET.

Champions are not born, they are made. Their ultimate success is the result of thousands of hours of practice, focus, motivation, and resilience. Studies into the lives of champions across a range of different industries and sports have all revealed certain common themes.


Kerry has had over a decade working with Olympians, world champions, Australian champions, and internationally successful athletes. Kerry has also had the rare distinction of being able to say he has helped develop these amazing humans, as he had begun working with some of these athletes as teenagers and assisted their growth into world champions and amazing human beings.

Before this Kerry worked for nearly a decade within the public industry helping long term unemployed and disadvantaged individuals become successful and contributing members to society.

Kerry is the perfect mix of education, experience, and wisdom.

Education – An undergraduate degree in psychology plus a myriad of certificates in crisis intervention to consulting.

Experience – A decade of working with the disadvantaged and a decade of developing the elite athlete, all of which has led to a long list of proven results. For more than a decade Kerry has also worked with Nam Baldwin who in his own right is a world class renowned high-performance mindset and performance coach

Wisdom – Kerry broke his neck in two spots and has a crippling auto-immune disease. Kerry knows first-hand how to overcome adversity not just to survive but to thrive

The OPC mindset sessions are perfect for the everyday athlete/person simply wanting more fulfilment in their lives, to the developmental athlete that is new to competition and wanting to reduce anxiety levels all the way up to the very elite that are searching for ways to fine tune their existing mental game.

From $110 per hour