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What’s new at the OPC?

We have three new coaches on board. Which is massive news!!

For those out there in the private industry, you all know just how hard it is in today’s current environment to create a sustainable successful small business. You’re fighting the government and their funded programs, big business and those with deep pockets, as well as online influencers with the new shiny methods and thousands of sheep followers. 

It basically means you can’t just be as good you have to be better to stand out. That means 80 plus hour weeks, playing the role of coach, marketing manager, receptionist, and cleaner just to name a few whilst endeavouring to learn and engage in personal development.

It’s been nearly a decade since I started the OPC, it’s been my baby, I have invested my heart and soul into this business. For this reason and many others, I found it really hard to let go and trust someone else with my business and with my athletes 

I don’t expect anyone to have as much passion, dedication, and commitment to my business as I do but I do expect them to have that same amount of passion, dedication, and commitment to their craft as I do.

So after nearly a decade, I have let go, partly because I couldn’t keep up with demand on my own and partly because I finally found the right people for the job. 

The OPC’s new staff, Joel Gill, Kate Brassington, and Holly Williams all have the same passion, the same drive for excellence, and the same love of the craft as I do. 

Although they have the qualifications, the university degrees, and the ASCA certs, it was their character, who they are as people that gave me the faith to bring them on board and put them in charge. 

There is no head coach at the OPC, we are all equal, we all learn from each other and learn from every athlete that walks through those doors. 

Take the time out and head over to our coaches tab on our website to find out more about these talented and passionate young coaches!