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Olympic Aussie Pride

I wouldn’t truly be a lover of sport if I have a ‘In The News’ section on my website and didn’t have something about the Olympics right now

When I first heard the Olympics was going to run without any spectators I was a little bummed. When I heard that there were other restrictions being put in place which made the path to the Olympics for many athletes even more difficult, I started to think I may not enjoy the games at all. Not going to lie to you, I often found myself thinking this Olympics is going to be average at best!


The Aussie athletes are kicking arse!! That’s always great to see!!

In a period of time where everyone seems so divided, a nation of sports lovers put aside any differences they had and have come together to get behind their athletes!!

At the centre we have the Olympics up on the big screen and athletes from all different sporting codes are stopping training to get around any athlete wearing the green and gold, sometimes we didn’t know the sport or the rules but it doesn’t stop us cheering on!! 

I found myself not caring about the crowds, the masks, or any of that other bullshit, myself and the athletes I coach stood proud and inspired watching our Aussie athletes have a red hot crack!!

As it turns out an Aussies red hot crack is world-class, in fact, it’s gold standard!! Swimming, Rowing, Kayaking, Water Polo, Soccer … oh my god!! So, so, so many amazing performances across so many different sports! 

The new sports like Skating are a massive hit, with so many non-skaters commenting on how good it was to watch!

My beloved sport, surfing, the Irikanjis did our country proud! Owen Wright claimed a Bronze and the entire Aussie team put in a first-class performance. I was also super impressed with the commentators, they presented the sport to the world perfectly. 

So getting to the main reason I wanted to write this piece was to publicly say a massive THANK YOU to the athletes!!

Professional athletes deal with more than anyone in the general public cares to know. It is no easy road and only the bravest and strongest go the distance to achieving their dreams. 

How lucky are we that their dreams also give us so much joy! We get to watch them push themselves to their very limit for our own entertainment.  

So from my heart THANK YOU, for the inspiration and the magical memories!! 

Also, THANK YOU for reminding me of how good it is to feel so grateful and proud to be an Australian.

Life seems a little fractured at the moment, a bit divided you could say. Yet amongst it all I watched a country, come together as one nation. We all bathed in Aussie Pride!!

I know at the start of it all I let a few facts become a belief, that eventually clouded my judgment from the truth. The moral of the story there is don’t let your beliefs take you away from the truth.

The Olympics brought us together as Australians. We supported each other like we were all mates, as an Australian does!  Let’s continue to be Australian long after the Olympics is finished, support our mates, get behind them, push them to be better, and rejoice in their success!

Aussie Pride!!