Ocean Performance Centre

OPC Academy

For the semi-professional to professional athlete that wants to leave no rock unturned in the pursuit of optimal performance.

There really is nothing else like this academy on the market, with decades of experience of not just working with Olympians, World Champions, Australian champions, and internationally successful athletes, but developing them, our head of performance Kerry Keightley knows the precise ingredients needed to ensure an athlete reaches their true potential.

The induction into the academy starts with a one-on-one private Breath enhancement course. Described as a “Game Changer” by everyone from the NSW State of Origin Team, AFL Teams, Olympians to UFC fighters.

From there the Academy inductee engages in our Performance Testing and induction sessions. These performance testing sessions are repeated every six weeks to ensure everything from their biomechanics, range, posture, and strength is improving

An evidence based, individualised, and periodised program is created from the above process. This program allows up to three main workouts per week, however, as an OPC Academy member you can access the centre at any time to utilise any of our recovery resources or to do some extra conditioning sets.

To leave no stone unturned each inductee, can choose one of the following sessions to add to their training platform each month.

A 45min SmartFit training session designed to improve cognitive function, reaction times and the athlete’s ability to perform under pressure. (For more information about the SmartFit program please see our SmartFit tab)

A private one hour one on one training session. Although we pride ourselves on the attention each athlete receives through our semi-private training environment, the athlete may appreciate having a coach all to themselves from time to time. The major benefit of these sessions is the opportunity for in depth communication between coach and athlete. The athlete through these discussions can gain a better understanding of the “Why” behind their exercises, programs, and systems. The Coach also then can get a better understanding of what the athlete feels has been working, what hasn’t, what they enjoy and what they haven’t. This allows for a true athlete centred and athlete driven program.

A 1-hour pool-based Breath Enhancement Session, this is where each athlete gets to fine tune all the tools and techniques taught during the initial Breath Enhancement seminar.

A one-hour Mindset and Performance session with head Coach Kerry Keightley. Utilising state of the art methods, such as, Virtual Reality technology, Kerry can create world class awareness within the athlete, taking a deep dive into identifying any of the unconscious behaviours, thoughts and feelings that may be taking that athlete away from their optimal performance state. New processes and patterns of behaviour can be discovered, and practised, allowing each athlete to step towards their optimal performance state. Lastly these sessions enable individuals to find new levels of fulfilment, confidence, self-belief and enjoyment in their lives

3-month Minimum Contract – $97 per week