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At the ocean performance centre our methodology to athletic development focuses on a holistic approach to sports performance. We pride ourselves on our ability to build relationships with our athletes, understanding their needs, wants and dreams. We embrace individuality, flexibility and creativity in our process. This in turn creates a nurturing yet accountable performance culture.

Our programs are backed by evidence based research, are results focused, measured, and targeted towards each individual’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the sport they play. For each athlete a specific and individualised long term plan is formulated that takes into consideration past experiences, life outside the gym, event schedules, and skill based training commitments.

Understanding the demands placed on individuals who engage in active sporting lives we have formulated a process in which allows each athlete to still receive a high performance service yet at very affordable rates. This allows for each athlete to obtain consistency with their training, one of the most essential elements to success.

Joining the athlete development program entails an initial screening and consultation process where each athlete’s individual training program is formulated. This program is initially delivered in a private setting to ensure movement competency and that each athlete is aware of what is required of them during training sessions. Once this is achieved the athlete can enter into the semi-private training environment.

Each athlete then has up to 15 Different semi-private training sessions that they can choose from each and every week. To keep the integrity of our product and ensure we deliver only the best possible service, numbers are strictly limited for our Athlete Development Memberships. At this stage in time we only have 8 more Athlete Development Memberships on offer.

Athlete Development members also have the ability to gain access to the Ocean Performance Centre pool sessions, which entail a myriad of elements from, underwater rock running, access to Nam Baldwin’s Breath enhancement training protocols and drills, wipe-out scenarios as well as sprint and endurance paddling drills … just to name a few.

This program is open to anyone from the very beginner junior athlete all the way through to the professional sports person.

Athlete Development Memberships start from as little as $15 per week. Why pay the same just to get a regular gym membership?

An Athlete Development membership will provide you with:

  • A personalised, periodised training program tailored specifically for your chosen sport.
  • The choice of up to 15 different sessions per week.
  • Access to our unique pool sessions.
  • Ability to work closely with some of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches in the industry.

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