Ocean Performance Centre

Junior Athlete Development

8-13 Years of age depending on maturation

The OPC has had a long history of successfully helping junior athletes get off to the right start in regards to physical preparation training. Our LTAD Approach not only breaks down performance ceilings and allows junior athletes to reach their full long term athletic potential, it also aids in creating a lifelong love for sport and exercise.

The backbone of our program is to ensure a safe progression of proper movement, physical literacy, adequate motor skills, and foundational muscular strength as a child grows and physically matures.

Our LTAD approach not only focuses on physical preparation, it also incorporates cognitive and emotional development of juniors leading to benefits in increased positive mental and psychosocial development.

We do this by focusing on having Fun, each session includes physical play, an essential component to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of youth athletes as they develop.

Several local schools, such as Buddina, Caloundra and Mooloolaba Primary schools regularly engage in our services to run programs for their junior sports academies.

Our Junior Athlete development program is run by Isacc Cuskelly, a recognised physiotherapist as well as a strength and conditioning coach.

The Next Junior Athletic Development program kicks off in Term 4 on the 15th of October. We again pride ourselves on providing a quality product so numbers are very strictly limited. There is a maximum of 8 spots available in each program which runs the length of the school term.