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why mindset is important

What is it that allows one athlete to climb to the very pinnacle of their sport whilst thousands of other athletes do not? Especially when their competition seem as equally skilled and experienced. Numerous research studies have asked the same question, what makes a champion?

Champions are not born, they are made. Their ultimate success is the result of thousands of hours of practice, focus, motivation, and resilience. Studies into the lives of champions across a range of different industries and sports have all revealed certain common themes. They all practise common behaviours, habits and rituals, such as, setting goals, utilising feedback channels, and engaging in daily performance routines. However, each champion being an individual expressed these habits and rituals in a myriad of different ways.

At the OPC, we are interested in developing the mindset of our athletes in a way that is grounded in scientific research but is adaptable and unique to represent that individual’s definition of success.
True reflection, thinking flexibility and enabling change are some of the first steps in the process. The many tenants of the psychology industry provide many pieces of the puzzle. Sports psychology delivers techniques that enhance focus and concentration. Positive psychology as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides a pathway for athletes to create positive feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. Emotional intelligence and emotional freedom techniques, such as, journaling, breathing and distraction techniques enable athletes to become aware of their own coping strategies, and emotional triggers. Combining a variety of scientific and holistic ways we have designed a method and framework that is reliable, repeatable, and measurable as well as proven to bring about results.

The majority of this process is driven by the athlete and delivered at their own pace. The final stages are however not delivered at each athletes own pace and comfort, quite the opposite, it is delivered only when the athlete is under stress. The pieces of the puzzle are useless if they are fragile, they must be able to be assembled in the most challenging conditions. This involves the true expression of self, some call it being in the zone or obtaining flow.

Unlike other programs, when we delve into the different elements mentioned above we do so in a fun and challenging movement based environment that requires athletes to train, sweat, listen, learn and teach. The end result is an athlete that can generate high performance during high intensity situations and deliver personal best performances on demand.

Our mindset program is perfect for everyone, from the everyday athlete wanting more fulfilment in their lives, to the developmental athlete that is new to competition and wanting to reduce anxiety levels all the way up to the very elite that are searching for ways to fine tune their existing mental game.

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