Ocean Performance Centre

Athlete Development Program

Perfect for the emerging or junior athlete.

Following a Long-Term Athletic Development philosophy, our ADP is designed to create solid foundations in physical literacy and movement competencies as well as assisting in mitigating injuries.

The principles of minimal effective dose and progressive overload ensure the safe development of all those amazing foundation athletic abilities, such as, strength, mobility, reaction, balance, speed, jumping and landing.

The aim of the ADP is to produce a well-rounded resilient athlete, with enhanced physical qualities. Improved athletic qualities allows for improved skill acquisition, that in turn transfer to improved sporting performance.

The ADP although having its foundation in physical literacy and movement competencies, does tailor programs to the individual needs of each athlete, regarding their maturation status and training age. Furthermore, every program is tailored to address the most common injuries in their chosen sports.

Utilising the Teambuildr training platform, each athlete will have their own individualised app, where they will be able to gain access to their programs, with accompanying demonstration videos, record their history and track progression.

Starting from as little as $19.50 p/w