Ocean Performance Centre

Athlete Development Program

Whether you’re an elite athlete looking for that edge to reach the very pinnacle of your sport, a junior developmental athlete wanting to build physical qualities and progress in your sport or an everyday adult athlete that simply wants to enjoy their sport/recreation more, and be injury free, our service remains the same.

We take the processes, systems and procedures used by the very best high-performance centres in the world and deliver them to you.

Each member is provided the opportunity to engage in specific scientific and thorough testing protocols, from which they will receive an individualised, and periodised long term physical development program. Testing protocols are offered every 6 to 8 weeks and programs are updated regularly depending upon test results and an athlete’s individual progression. Our programs are backed by evidence-based research, are results focused, measured, and targeted towards each individual’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the sport/hobbies they play, and engage in.

Our ADP can be delivered in two ways, either in a semi-private training environment or in a one-on-one training environment.