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kerry keightley

Ba Human Movements
Ba Psychology
Level 2 ASCA
PCAS Professional Coach

Kerry’s passion and love for the physical and mental development industries is obvious.  Along with this enthusiasm, he brings a very unique skill set to the developmental table, one that is guaranteed to provide the education and opportunity for any athlete or individual to rise up and be the very best version of themselves.

Academically, Kerry has Bachelor degrees in Human Movements and in Psychology. Furthermore, he is a level 2 ASCA accredited coach and carries the title of professional coach under the ASCA PCAS scheme.

Experience wise, Kerry was a former athlete, who has spent over 30 years in physical preparation environments and the last decade helping develop athletes from beginner level up to Olympians and world champions.

Personal experience of hardship provides the wisdom that enables disappointments to become opportunities, a key ingredient needed by any athlete or individual. A horrific car accident at an early age left Kerry with a broken neck in two places, add that to being an auto immune sufferer, Kerry understands more than most what it takes to break the rules and to do the impossible, as he has literally had to learn how to walk, run and play again, not once but three times in his life.

Lastly, his passion for improvement has led Kerry to find mentorship with Nam Baldwin from BET (Breath Enhancement Training). A partnership that has provided Kerry with yet another master key to help anyone and everyone lead their best lives.

These above points make Kerry’s coaching style so very unique not just in Australia but globally.

Athletes can recruit Kerry’s services as:

  1. A mindset and performance coach
  2. A strength and conditioning coach
  3. A Breath Enhancement Instructor
  4. All three

Kate Brassington

Ba Clinical Exercise Science
ASCA Level 1
Kate is currently wrapping up her studies as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and is now pursuing her development as a Strength and Conditioning coach. Having a level 1 ASCA accreditation and substantial mentored hours under her belt Kate brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.
Kate understands the demands of sport, both physically and mentally as being a competitive swimmer and currently a competitive rower. Being previously employment as a member of the Australian Défense Force has given Kate a real-world education into how to develop personal characteristics, such as, resilience, mental toughness, sacrifice, dedication, commitment, respect, honour and integrity, which are the foundations of any successful athlete.
In her own words “I am so excited to support people with their fitness/sporting journeys, whether that is to improve athletic performance, or to help maintain a happier and healthier lifestyle”
OPC Coach Kate Brassington

Joel Gill

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science
ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach
Strength and Conditioning Coach at OPC
Strength and Conditioning Coach for Sunshine Coast Falcons Rugby League
Hastings Deering Colts Team
Strength and Conditioning Coach at Genesis Christian College
Work experience completed with Brisbane Broncos Rugby League, Sunshine Coast Lightning Netball and USC Spartans Swimming.

Joel is a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science graduate with experience across a variety of sports at the professional and amateur level. As a Level 2 ASCA accredited coach, Joel is able to provide athletes with coaching that is tailored to them as individuals and their sport.

Having been involved in sports across different levels, Joel understands the differing demands placed upon the body at different levels of competition. Conditioning athletes to handle the physical requirements of their sport is a particular aspect that he enjoys along with developing their strength and power.

He enjoys being involved in the process of helping athletes achieve goals that may have once seemed unobtainable. By developing a connection with each athlete he works with, Joel is able to understand what drives each individual and provide training programs that athletes will enjoy.

Joel Gill

grant thomas

Holly Williams - Kate Brassington - Joel Gill

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