Ocean Performance Centre

Everyday Athlete

For the everyday enthusiast.

Our EA programs run in several ways.

Firstly, through challenges or set programs. This is where we release specific programs or challenges that have a specific desired outcome. For example, our 8 Week Bullet Proof your back program or our 8 Week Mobility and Core Challenge. Please keep an eye on our social media platforms for upcoming challenges or programs

The EA program is also offered as an ongoing membership.

As an ongoing membership the EA program can run like our ADP program in the way it is set up. The major difference here is that it is aimed at adults. Therefore, the focus is on improving general health, conditioning, mobility, and movement. It is designed to bulletproof the adult against the most common wear and tear injuries, that present themselves as lower back pain, ankle and shoulder niggles and lastly tight, stiff hips.

If the adult wants to take a deeper dive into a fine-tuned program we suggest they engage in the HPP program

Perfect for every weekend warrior, or general public member that simply wants to enjoy their recreation/hobby to the best of their ability and to do so pain and injury free.

From $22.50 p/w