Ocean Performance Centre

Performance Testing

Best advice for your individual needs and goals.

Why guess when you can have definite evidence that every exercise, every set and every rep you are performing is the absolute best practise for your individual needs and goals!

The process is as follows.

  • A biomechanical movement screen – where we see how you natural move whilst performing fundamental movement patterns, Hinge, Squat, Rotate, Push and Pull. Identifying any compensations and/or performance ceilings
  • A posture screen, where hips, spine and shoulders are evaluated for postural alignment.
  • A range of Movement Tests, where each limb and joint is tested for its range of movement or lack of.
  • Strength tests including IMTP
  • Jumping/speed and power assessments

Every piece of data collected is used in our program design, whether that is selecting the best practise mobility exercise, to the best strength exercise, accessory exercise, or core exercise.

By putting you under the microscope we identify your athletic profile, that is, your physical strengths and weaknesses.

We then have facts that allow us to understand the best way to train and maximise your profile, that is, sharpening the steel on your advantages and turning any weaknesses into opportunities and eventual strengths.

You will also gain an understanding of why you may have been injured in the past and how to prevent injuries from happening again.

HPP members and EA members need to purchase and engage in a testing process before their programs can commence.

Non-OPC members wanting to understand more about themselves and the areas in which they should be focusing their attention on can also purchase a Private Testing session.

Non-Members: $110
Members signing up to HPP or EA : $77
Retesting of existing HPP or EA members: $50
Testing sessions are complimentary for OPC Academy members